Filter data on criteria that can change month to month


I'm fairly new to Anaplan and I'm sure if I'm approaching this issue correctly so I thought I'd ask here.

We have sales rep data that shows what "compensation group" they belong to for a specific month, along with what they sold and earned in that month. I'm trying to create a FYTD report on this that shows each compensation group by rep by month. In trying to make this work I've noticed I have to create an Any filter that checks for each month of the year along with the applicable group(i.e. "Group A and July '21" OR "Group A and August '21" etc.). Is there a better way to filter this? 



  • Can't you create a summary module to aggregate data by "Compensation group" and Month?

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    The first image is the data I have, and the second is a mockup in Excel of what I want the report to look like. (each "group" would be its own report rather than all on 1 page)

  • From your source module, you can create a new module with the same structure of the Excel by creating a module using the lists "Sales Rep", Role and Time and summarizing data by Role from the source module. 

  • Alex,


    What happens when I filter by role (I want to see the entire fiscal year) is if a rep is no longer in a role (or employed by the company) they don't show up at all, it only shows reps that are in the role at the time of the report.



  • In the model source I notice that the Role is associated to the Sales Rep per every, when data is aggregated in the Reporing module, it will be maintained the correspondence of every month...

    So, in reporting module if you choose 1 Role per Year, if will aggregate only the months that Sales Rep was associated to that Role...