Summing on Period (Quarter)


I need some help in summing on the maturity period (quarters).


Module 1: no time dimension, standing data showing loan amounts in various currencies, and maturities.




Module 2 is dimensioned by time (quarters) and the loan amounts are converted at the quarterly FX rates.



Module 3 is dimensioned by time (quarters) and I want to create a module that shows when the loans mature.  How do I go about doing this?
I've tried summing on the converted loan amounts in Module 2 which does not work. Summing on the standing data allocates the loans to the correct maturity period, but the loans are of various currencies and need to be converted into EUR.



  • Hello,

    If I have understood this correctly, I think you should be able to achieve this in Module 2.

    I set up the following modules:

    Module 1 with the standing data not dimensioned by time

    Module 2 with the currency values

    I added the line item to test the item quarter against the maturity period

    Which allows you to pivot the report by time to see the values that mature by quarter.