Announcement: Community Advancement

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The Anaplan Community offers several ways for members to progress and advance not only within the Community, but within the greater Anaplan ecosystem. Some members interact regularly with others, providing answers to questions and sharing out of their own experiences. Others opt to leverage their passion for Anaplan by serving as a Group Leader, Customer Advocate, or even certifying as a Solution Architect or Master Anaplanner. Some become mentors, others speak at events, and many simply choose to quietly explore the Community at their own pace. 

No matter where you find yourself among these examples, we want every member to be able to grow, advance, and contribute in ways that suit their individual preferences and achieve their personal or professional goals as part of the Anaplan ecosystem.

We are excited to announce that we are reimagining our approach to Community Advancement. We will be updating some of our existing program systems and rolling out exciting new ways to interact and be recognized for it. Read on to get a sneak peek of what's coming, how you can learn more, and ways you can start participating today!

Community ranks

If you've spent any amount of time on the Community, you've likely noticed a lot of members (maybe you!) have phrases next to their user names like "Established Member" or "Occasional Contributor." But what does that mean?

The Anaplan Community employs a ranking structure to recognize members for their activity on the site. In short, the more you explore the Community and interact with others, the higher your rank is. You can learn more about our existing rank structure here. However, in the coming weeks we'll be updating the ranking system to make the ranks more meaningful as well as providing new clarity around how to advance your rank, if you want to do so.

Contribution opportunities

We've heard from our members that many people want more ways to showcase their expertise, progress further along their Anaplan journeys, and be recognized as leaders among their peers. Whether you want to write a blog or best practice, lead a Group, speak at an event, or something entirely different, we want to make the process more straightforward and accessible. We'll soon be providing greater clarity on the available ways to lead and contribute, and making it easier for you to share how you prefer to participate.  

Community Bosses

One of the most exciting elements of the updated Community ranks is a fully reimagined Community Boss program. Historically, Community Bosses have been recognized annually as the top 25 most active (and knowledgeable) Community members. Moving forward, Community members will be able to achieve Boss status at any time throughout the year, based on a combination of their rank and their choice to serve as a Community Leader of some type (Group Leader, CoE Leader, Persona Hub Leader, etc.). 


We want to make sure that participating in these updated programs is valuable and worthwhile for you. In addition to having the ability to improve your standing among peers and demonstrate your thought leadership, we are exploring a variety of other rewards and benefits to offer. We're considering things like custom swag, exclusive events and experiences, access to leadership and product teams, special abilities or permissions within the Community, and more. We also plan to provide special recognition to top contributors through things like event shout-outs and leaderboards, and even develop a way for members to earn points over time and redeem them for things like swag or charitable donations. 

What's next?

This is just a glimpse of what we're working on; there's a lot to build and roll out, so thank you in advance for your patience while we assemble all the pieces. In the meantime, we want this to be something our Community is excited about, so we value your input. We'll be communicating updates throughout the process, so if you want to stay plugged in along the way, offer feedback, and even start participating early, here are some things you can do!

  1. Complete this short survey to share about where and how you would like to share your expertise with the Community. Your answers are confidential and will help us start connecting you with meaningful ways to be involved. 
  2. Watch for future Q&A events . We'll be hosting an ongoing series of informal virtual meetups for interested Community members to stay connected with the latest updates and interact directly with the Community team as we build.

You can also follow along with the new Community Advancement section of the Community; when we have official updates to make, that's where you can find them. 

Thank you for growing with us!