Community User Enhancements: Learn How to Level-Up

The Anaplan Community is successful because of our users – continually supporting, learning, and discovering solutions from one another! We want to thank you. 

You may have noticed that we have rolled out new levels within the Community! The Anaplan Community employs a levels structure to recognize members for their activity on the site. In short, the more you explore the Community and interact with others, the higher your level is. When utilized effectively, Community levels are essentially a way of indicating to other members how knowledgeable or helpful another member has been or might be.  

As we've recently announced, we’ve updated the levels system to make levels more meaningful as well as providing new clarity around how to advance your level, if you want to do so.

Here’s a breakdown of the changes you’ll see in the new community experience.

Level Tiers

There are currently two main tiers to the Anaplan Community's member levels: Passive and Active.

  • Passive: Members with a Passive level are explorers. They browse articles, read best practices, and may even join Groups or attend events, but are content to observe and absorb. 
  • Active: Members with an Active level are engagers. They ask questions, provide answers, share ideas, and contribute knowledge in various ways. 

In most online Communities, about 10% of members fall into the Active tier and the other 90% are Passive. That's okay! Communities are all about give and take, and everyone participates at their own pace. However, we want to ensure that: 

  • Passive members aren't passive simply because they don't know what to do or where to go. All members should know how and where to interact, along with the benefits of interacting if they choose to do so.
  • Active members are equipped to be as active as they truly want to be. Here again, we want it to be clear to all members that their input is welcome everywhere. We believe everyone should have a voice and should feel empowered to share it. 

The Community succeeds and provides value to all members when individuals at all levels and types of participation contribute to the whole.

Level Structure

The Anaplan Community currently segments members into different primary levels. These are listed below, in order of least to most advanced: 

Passive Levels

  • New Member
  • Community Member
  • Established Member
  • Senior Member

Active Levels

  • New Contributor
  • General Contributor
  • Reliable Contributor
  • Respected Contributor
  • Trusted Contributor
  • Community Boss
  • Certified Boss
  • Insightful Boss
  • Exceptional Boss
  • Hyper Boss

Criteria for Leveling-up

So how do you end up in one level versus another? As members spend time on the Community, whether reading and watching or interacting and engaging, that activity is tabulated behind the scenes with formulas that an engagement score for each person, automatically assigning a level based on those points. The longer someone has been a member and the more time they spend browsing Community resources, the higher their Passive level will be. Similarly, the more contributions someone makes—Forum posts and replies, blogs and articles published, comments posted, likes given and received, etc.—they higher their Active level will be. 

Community Bosses

One of the most exciting elements of the updated Community levels is a fully reimagined Community Boss program. Historically, Community Bosses have been recognized annually as the top 25 most active (and knowledgeable) Community members. Moving forward, Community members will be able to achieve Boss status at any time throughout the year, based on a combination of their engagement score they receive. Stay tuned for more updates on our reimagined program and how we will celebrate top Community contributors. 

Update on June 28, 2023: In addition to the Community Boss levels, we have officially launched our reimagined Community superuser program, the Community Boss program which you can learn more about here!  To join this program, you must have achieved the Community Boss level and we'll be offering two times a year for new members to join the program - February and July. Our next opportunity to join this program will be on February 1, 2024. Stay tuned for more updates about our new Community Boss program and how you can join in the future!

What's next?

It's important to note that a member's level status doesn't indicate that they are "better" or "worse" than another member; it's simply a reflection of each person's individual choices regarding their unique Community journeys.

The changes on the way will address the overall level structure, the level names, and the way each level is calculated. Our goal is to create more transparency around how Community leveling work and improve the value they bring to all Community members so that everyone can chart their own course to success. 

We believe the new levels will be more meaningful, and our hope is that everyone will find their level something to be excited about and proud of. For those that want to progress further, we want that experience to be fun and rewarding as well, and we want to provide clear guidance on how to go about it. 

We hope you'll stay tuned for more, and let us know what you think! What would you like to see from an updated level structure? Please share your thoughts, ideas, and feedback directly with the Community team in the Community User Advancement section, and watch for regular Q&A events where you can learn more. 


  • These ideas are incredibly intriguing and amazing for those who aspire to advance in these subjects.

  • I have done a little research and can not quite find it, so I would like to know if the enhancements to the badges also still link to Anaplan Academy - or are these two seperate things? I also can not see the ">" to view all of the types of badges that you can get so is there a list somewhere that someone can provide a link to for me?

  • Is there a place to see how to get to, for example, Trusted Contributor?

  • Thanks for reaching out @adpinto! This page is a great source to review the level tiers and various ways to engage in the Community if you would like to level-up. Happy to chat with you about ways to engage based your interest and bandwidth - I’ll reach out over a private message!

  • The level system update is something I've been waiting for a long time.