MB Level 1 Lesson 11.3.4 Getting the Wrong Output


I am having an issue where only 1 cell does not match how my model is supposed to look like. It seems like "Utilities" (and subsequent line items that use utilities as part of its formula) is the only line item that is generating incorrect data. 


The first picture is of MY module, the second picture is what the module is supposed to look like, and the third picture is of the data that the calculation is sourced from


I'm having trouble identifying the issue, someone pls help!!


  • Hi @NFeruch ,


    I think your underlying source data (the "OTH01" module) is the issue here. From the bit of it seen in the screenshot, your formula in REP03 appears to be correct. For whatever reason whatever is in OTH01 is off. I would try reloading that data and see if you get the right answer at that point.


    If you're still not getting it at that point, perhaps pivot your OTH01 module to have line items as page selectors and Locations as rows, and attach a screenshot so we can maybe point out the problem child(ren) of which location might have bad data in it.