Bring in Data formatted data from one module to another where Target does not have Time dimension


Hello Gurus,

I have this scenario.

Module 1 has the following:

     Time dimension (Month)

     List A

     Line Items including a line item called ExpiryDate that is date formatted.

Module 2 has the following dimension (does not have time dimension).

     List B

     Line items (some line items plus one called Date where i need to bring in ExpirtyDate from Module 1

     One of the line items that I have in module 2 is the List A members as well.

How can i pull the date to module 2 which does not have time dimension?






Best Answer

  • rob_marshall



    Create a module, I called my SYS Global, that doesn't have any list in the Applies To.  Create a line item called Current Period.




    Now, you don't have to use a Lookup to get that period.




  • Hi,
    You can, but you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve - from which time period you want to pull this date. From last, first, or maybe there is only one expirydate for list a member filled in the whole timeline (then lastnonblank/firstnonblank)? Or maybe from some specific month, like current, previous or next.
    Then, you probably need to use the right combination of LOOKUPs (for list A and some specific month), or LOOKUP for List A and right Time summary in the source/TIMESUM (with proper argument).
  • Hi,

    I wanted to pull data from the Current Period (Say April 21 is set as current period).

    'TargetModule'.EXPDATE[LOOKUP: 'SYS00 Time Settings1'.Current Period?, LOOKUP: LIST]

    However, I do not get any values.

    Since the line itme i am trying to pull is Time, can i use timesum for this instance?

    Do I need to add add a different syntax?


  • @rob_marshall - You are great.