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Hi all,

I understand Previous() can't be used with a non-time dimension. I have a custom dimension with a natural concept of a previous item. (it's actually a 13 period calendar that is not based on weeks, therefore I think precluding the use of a native time dimension).


I understand why it's comlaining; OpeningBalance references ClosingBalance and ClosingBalance references OpeningBalance. When using PREVIOUS works as Anaplan is smart enough to know that the references aren't actually circular, however when doing the lookup it can't enforce that, and therefore gives an error.

Is there any way around this issue?


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  • mburdak
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    Hi @GeorgeDuckett ,


    You just need to change the formula for the Closing Balance. In order to calculate Closing Balance, you don't actually need to calculate the Opening Balance first.


    Blueprint View:



    If you need to incorporate an opening balance for the first period, that can also be accomodated using IF statements in the Opening & Closing Balance lineitems.


    Hope this helps.



    Mandeep Burdak.


  • Misbah


    The only workaround I can think of is that you create this module with Anaplan Native Time dimension. And Step 2 would be to create a mapping between custom time and native time and bring back the values to your existing module




    Miz Logix

  • @GeorgeDuckett 


    @Misbah is correct, the only way around this is to do the calcs using Native Time and then "reporting" it with your Custom Time list by way of a mapping module.  The reason you are getting a circular reference is explained in this document (all detailed members in your custom time are in the same block of data).



  • @mburdak Ahh, clever, thanks; I wasn't aware of CUMULATE. That's done the trick!