UX Page Reset to return to Highest Level as per User Authorisation (not first list item)


Change the behavior of the UX page Reset button next to context selectors such that it resets to the highest level hierarchy that the current user can access.

Example: let’s say I have a geographical hierarchy where I have “All Regions”, Regions, Countries, Cities, and I have access to the region EMEA but not “All Regions”, and within EMEA there is France and UK (Lyon, Paris, London and Manchester).   If I have selected “Manchester”, then hit “Reset”, I would like to revert to “EMEA”, but instead it revert me to the first item on the lowest level (“Lyon”).

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  • Even we face similar challenge. Would love to know if we have any progress on this issue. Thanks 

  • Dear all, we encounter the same issue, it's very annoying. Is an enhancement schedule? Thanks

  • This functionnality would be much appreciated indeed. Any roadmap for this ?

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