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Hi, I posted the details to community here:


To summarize, I updated the source models to a new workspace and the card templates disappeared altogether. I learned that the templates are tied to the original model. It'd be great if we could transfer because the templates are very useful.

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  • Hello jackcplanning ,

    We experienced similar issues and raised it with Anaplan support. The asked me to detail my use case and the ideal expected solution on the ideas exchange, given you have already provided a request on a similar topic I add our case below.

    An easy and user friendly way to copy card templates from one model to another which can be remapped to an existing Power Point which already used the specified card templates.

    For example :
    an Export / import functionality for card templates, maybe via datahub or export files (works around the model size difficulty of having both models online)
    A store functionality on Workspace level, stores the card templates on the workspace rather then the model.

    My name is Barry and I work at Stedin.
    At Stedin we use Anaplan to support our Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) process.
    For our S&OP process we build PowerPoint presentations on a weekly basis to support our S&OP cycle (Supply review, Demand review, Pre-S&OP and S&OP).
    To minimize the effort required for building these presentations we are happy that Anaplan created the functionality for the PowerPoint add-in.
    We have successfully installed and used the PowerPoint add-in, and it saves us quite some time.

    Unfortunately, during the last ALM something went wrong resulting in data changes in the production environment, and we needed to revert to a previously made back-up of the S&OP Anaplan model made prior to the ALM and connected it to the S&OP App.
    The model where the cards are based on has been archived. Due to workspace limitations it is not possible to have multiple copies of the production model online at the same time.
    After these actions we have lost all the Card template libraries on our production environment and our PowerPoint slides could not update anymore.

    On the Anaplan community I have found the following information 1) and 2) (see appendix below) which indicate that cards are based on the model ID and therefore if a different model is used the cards are lost.
    We also found some information on the Remap cards functionality in case a workspace and model is cloned 3) (See appendix below).
    Unfortunately, this remap function did not work in our case, so we were not able to remap the cards from the presentation with the model.
    Because we cannot have multiple production models online, we have tried to first remap the cards from the old production to the test model, the remap card templates screen remains in a loop with "Loading cards from document".

    Therefore, after we went to our previously made back-up of the S&OP Anaplan model we had to do:

    1. Create the cards again in our S&OP Anaplan model.
    2. Rebuild the PowerPoint presentation from scratch.

    We expected to be able to repoint the cards to the new model so the end-user would not be affected by these actions.
    Unfortunately, remapping does not seem to work.

    1) OEG Best Practice: Best practices and tips & tricks about PowerPoint add-In - Anaplan Community <Links can not be posted due to: "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links">

    5 Do not delete models
    The connections you create using the add-in are based on the model ID. Therefore if you delete a model, the model ID is lost, and you will lose your add-in connections.
    As a result, you will have to rebuild your files entirely. We recommend that you simply archive models instead of deleting them. This way, they can be unarchived easily if you need them back, they don't take any space and their model ID is conserved.

    2) NUX Card Templates Disappeared - Anaplan Community <Links can not be posted due to: "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links">

    3) Remap card templates in Microsoft 365 | Anapedia - Anaplan Technical Documentation <Links can not be posted due to: "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links">

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