Level 1 Activity 6 - No Medical Costs


Hi All,


Desperately need help here!  Why only the one field is not returning the results?

EMP02 - Formula & Results                                                     





In my REP04 File 

Results and Formula





  • Rob,

    Is there a reason that line item specifically has a subsidiary view? It doesn't look like the applies to is different, what about timescale?
  • Hi @rob.arce ,

    One of the most probable reasons this could be happing is that the line item "Medical Costs" is having one or more dimensions/Applies to/Timescale etc is different from other line items ,
    if its not mentioned in the activities to maintain that line item as subsidiary , please make necessary changes in the blueprint view to make the line item having all dimensions as same as other line items.

    Feel free to reach out if you need further assistance.