I'd like to pull the value of a line item based off of the selection of another line item..


I'd like to pull the value of a line item based off of the selection of another line item in the same module.


I have a LiSS Module called Category Planning.  It has values in 3 line items.  Depending on what is chosen in the Select Option Line item, I want to pull the respective value into another module.


Category Select:




So if the Select Option Line item is FY Input, for The All Other Category, My results line item would show 4,000,000.


This is the Module where I'm trying to pull the info into(I can add a category lookup so that the result is given to the right category):





Best Answer

  • TimothyThomas

    Hi @Sbr246 ,


    There are probably quite a few methods here, but here is one possible solution:


    1. Create an intermediate summary module dimensionalized by the LISS and Category list. Just needs one line item with the COLLECT() formula.
    2. In the initial INP03 module, add a line item "Final Value" with the formula *LISS Module*.Line Item[LOOKUP: Select Option]
    3. In your result module, the formula to properly pull in would be 'INP03 Category Planning'.Final Value[LOOKUP: Category]


    There are likely many other methods you could go about, some of which may be more efficient/simple, but this should at least get you there for now. Let me know if that works for you!



  • Sbr246
    Hey Timothy,

    Thanks so much. Your solution worked perfectly!!