Remember formula bar settings in new modelling experience


It'd be great if Anaplan could remember formula bar preferences either globally at an account level, or by workspace.


At the moment, you will perhaps prefer to set the formula bar to the side view, with a specific width, and when re-opening a new module it will be reset to below the data and at default height.


This means, every module that you flick to requires the additional steps to update your location and formula bar height/width every time, which is cumbersome to the experience.


Many thanks!

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  • I'm 100% for it! An option to dock the formula editor is a must! Please add it!


    During development phase you have to use formula editor very often. Since some time we have the indentation for the IFs, colors for the functions etc. This encourages to use built in formula editor instead of A++ add in. But opening the editor every time is painful when you have to do it like 1000 times per day working on new model or so.


    Therefore an option to dock the formula editor would be highly appreciated by all of the builders I believe!

    Thanks in advance!

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