Level 1 Activity 9.2.3 Revenue decimals ?


While double checking some of my summary and formulas, I noticed that in Rev03 Margin Calculations I have decimals in my totals. However, in the verification screenshot there are no decimals. 

I checked the formula for Revenue and it is set to Number>with No-decimals. 

I checked the formula for the References in the line item formula under REV02 Volume Inputs.Volumes and Rev01 Price Book.Unit Price and both fields are set to number with No-decimals. 
Any suggestions where else to look? 
Also, If you are sum multiple product items such as Chocolates and they are at .84, if the Revenue is set to No-decimals, what rounding type does it do (Round Up, Round Down, Math Rounding, No Rounding) I can't see a pattern in that. 



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  • TimothyThomas

    Hi @MindyU ,


    Could you possibly share a screenshot of the Format box of your Revenue line item? My assumption is that you have the format selected on "Minimum Significant Digits" rather than "Decimal Places." This is the default setting for Number-formatted line items. It is tricky because, despite it being greyed out, the Decimal Places will display as 0 even though it's really just dependent on the total digits of the number you're looking at. So, since Revenue for Jan 19 in this case is $218.40, it will display as $218.4. If the revenue were $2,184 instead, then it wouldn't display a decimal point.


    I'll attach a screenshot of the default setup in comparison to what you would want to change it to, which would be selecting the Decimal Places format with a 0 selected.


    Hope that helps!




  • MindyU

    Correction - Rev01 Unit Price is set to Decimals. 

    But because Rev03 is set to no decimals, How would I get it to show no decimals as the example does?

  • MindyU

    Thank you Timmy!

    That was it. I did not consider changing the Format to a Decimal with 0 decimals. 

    That was not connecting for me. The way you explained the difference with the Minimum Significant Digits makes much more sense now. 

    Again, Thank you!

  • Great! More than happy to help. This same thing stumped me a while back so glad the explanation made sense 😊


    Best of luck with the rest of L1!