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Need help on creating a formula where it takes a input % for the month, and if a End User wants to change that % then they can and that % will run through the End of the Month. Having trouble making that daily input % run through for the rest of the month. 


Formula is below 



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  • andrewtye
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    Hi @neg177 


    Think that this solves it... you need to tell Anaplan to reset when you go to the next month.

    See from the below that 5% is the input for Jan but i've manually altered that to 4% which rolls to the end of the month.

    Then when Feb comes in (i've got 4-4-5 week time period) it picks up the 6% that i've inputted.



    The line item is this... 

    IF Overide % > 0 THEN Overide % ELSE IF PREVIOUS(Month) = Month AND PREVIOUS(Baseline %) <> FY Value[LOOKUP: Month] THEN PREVIOUS(Baseline %) ELSE FY Value[LOOKUP: Month]

    But this can improved through having the month check within your system module.


  • Hi @neg177 


    If you F8 on the 17 Apr 22 value what does it show?

    I can't see from your formula why it isn't carrying forward - i've tested and all works in for me... although I do wonder whether the 2nd If... Then... Else... is really required? As if I understand it correctly there's no instance where previous wouldn't be used.




  • neg177

    When I drill in on it this is what it shows...



  • neg177

    Also the R01 is monthly data that is being pulled in from a different module that is made to be a End User Input. So how we want it to flow is the end user can input a monthly percentage, and unless that monthly percentage is changed manually on a certain day, then that monthly percentage will ride out until the end of the month. But if the end user doesn't want that monthly percentage and changes the percentage on a certain day, then that percentage that was changed on that certain day will override that monthly percentage for the rest of the month. 


    The end user input that is being used in our formula 



  • Hi 

    Your logic looks correct but 2 questions.
    1.what is the summary for ineligibles baseline
    2.why lookup is being used for year?


  • Amaya
    Is the formula in this screenshot different from the original one?
  • neg177

    Thank you very much! This was very helpful