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Screenshot (258).png

Hello Experts , 


I just Want To Take Data from (Increment by Product family) to (increment By product)  For this I used Lookup Function ex Increment by Product family[lookup: Product family] formula apply successfully but did not get any value . can u help me 

Remember  Product is the child of product family 


Thanks in advance 


  • TrentB

    Hi @saurabh_kumar_kunwar.


    Based on your screenshots, it looks like you are also moving from a time dimension of year to months. Due to this, you'll also need to do a lookup on time by doing a lookup of the year for each month. You will still need to do the product family lookup with this.


  • Hi 

    Please use below formula. 

    Increment by Product family[lookup: Product family, Lookup: Months]

    In your system time module there might be lookup from years to months, if not create one either in your system module or target module.