Need to know why getting Circular Reference



I'm adding my "Inta Month Growth" LI to the formula I have in the "Less:Ineligibles" LI and getting a circular reference. I can not seem to find the root cause of the circular reference. Please advise. 


Thank you 


LI "intra Month Growth" Formula 


LI "Less Ineligibles" Formula 



The Circular Reference I receive when adding the "intra month growth" LI to the "less:ineligibles" formula. 




P.S, Any insight on how to translate and read theses Circular Reference errors would be helpful as well. 


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  • ryan_kohn
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    In the Planual, there are a few best practices that, when followed, can make it easier to debug issues with formulas (along with it being better for performance overall). I recommend reading the following pages:


    In your case, I think the fact that you are doing too much in one formula is making it hard to trace the issue. My recommendation would be to break apart your formula into separate line items, and then you can add your new expression piecemeal to each step in the calculation chain and determine where the circular reference comes from.


    I suspect you are having an issue with circular references in either the version-specific formula or leveraging PREVIOUS(), but it's hard to tell as is. The logic will be easier to follow once you break apart the formula.


  • neg177

    ok, we will try and break up the formula for better editing and understanding. 


    Thank you