Tell us what your teammates need from your dashboards

As an Anaplan user tasked with helping your teams better understand their data through your Anaplan UX dashboards, we want to hear more about what your end users tell you. What kinds of visualizations are they are asking you for, what do they struggle with in accessing and understanding your data, and how you resolve those problems through your expertise and Anaplan tooling? By better understanding the problems you and your users are trying to solve, Anaplan hopes to support your work to the fullest. 


  • In general, the New UX provides a ton of the functionality that was a pain point with classic UX dashboards, but there are still a few minor display-related issues that come up with our end users from time to time. A couple are:

    • Selective data labels: When working with complex charts, oftentimes there are requests to have data labels for certain parts of the chart and not others, because if all labels are turned on then it creates quite a mess. With these complex charts, we usually default to turning labels off so that the chart is readable. But it would be nice to be able to apply labels to individual dimensions of the chart!
    • Spacing: The "snapping" features of the layout in the New UX are overall a net positive compared to the greater flexibility (but also sometimes annoying to line up) features of classic. But sometimes, it does limit the ability to make things the exact size that end users want. We end up using lots of blank text cards to circumvent this, but certain sizing is just not quite possible.


    I'm sure there are others, but those are just what popped in my head at first.

  • Thanks for the feedback!