Allow Column Series Stacking to respect a dimension


I have a data set where I am using Stacked Columns to show a build-up of a number.  I have now added Versions to this Module.  I want to be able to see two sets of stacked columns, one for each version.

Here is the current result:


And here is the Actual and What If Versions, each as their own chart:


Finally, here is the (mocked up) result I am looking for:


This would be accomplished by the PB selecting which Dimension to Stack by: Line Items or Versions.  Here the selection would be Line Items.

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  • To be clear:  I know I can accomplish the above like this:



    But the doubling of the Quarter designations is too much.

    Alternately: maybe the solution is to specify on the Axis which dimensions to use?  We cannot currently designate anything on the X Axis.  But maybe in the future?

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