Make the 'Referenced By' section of a Module Blueprint CLICKABLE


I want to be able to do the following:

  1. Open a Module in Blueprint view
  2. Scroll to the right to see the 'Referenced By' field of a Line Item
  3. CLICK on this field and have one of two things happen:
    1. If there is only one Line Item in the 'Reference By' the module with that Line Item opens (in Blueprint Mode) and (bonus points) that Line Item is selected
    2. If there are multiple Line Items the click would open up 'Model Search' and have, in the search results, all of the Line Items found in the 'Referenced By' field.  Clicking on one of them would produce the same as above.
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  • SUPER KUDOS to the Design Team!   I just checked and realized that the "bonus" functionality I mention above is already STANDARD behavior!  When you click on a Line Item in Model Search results you DO end up in Blueprint Mode with the Line Item selected!  I now realize I knew this as I have been using Model Search to help with building formulas!  Should have put two and two together!  AWESOME!

  • A tweak to this request:
    What if you could:
    1. Single Click on the field and it would “pulse” or highlight the Line Items that are referencing the selected Line Item that are IN the same module
    2. Single Click on a  at the end of the field (like Format or Applies To and that click opens up the search results (ignoring the Line Items that are in the current Module)

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