Field card which allow multiple selection for List line item



A user request to have a filter/drop down for multiple selections of SKU (SKU is List for this module), it is a cherry-pick in this case as it is not limited to a specific hierarchy in the dimension nor fixed number of SKUs. Expected grid output is where SKU is at Row, and time dimension is at column.


Below are the workarounds evaluated:



Add a Boolean line item in system module for user to check the SKUs

Cons: there are tens of thousands SKU, search SKU one by one and check the checkboxes is  not be very user friendly.



Create a text line item for user to paste the comma separated SKU code. Then have line item to split the text value and convert to List line item via FINDITEM.

Cons: Have to create a set of line item for each value to be split from comma separated SKU and some form of hard code in the formula. This will have predetermined number of SKUs user can paste depend on how many set of line items created in this module.





Use the Grid filter in page.

Cons: Filter dialogue can only be activated if user hover to the grid and click on the “Filter” icon – and page admin can’t fixed the filter condition to SKU only. Users are free to set their own conditions.




Ideal solution – new feature requested

A field card in the page which fixed to specific List line item and user may select multiple values in the drop down (similar to workaround3 above).

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  • have the same request from user. hope the feature can be created in near future.

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