Add/Edit a List in the UX


In classic – lists were published directly on a dashboard allowing for flexibility in users’ interaction with the list.   IE. Adding new list members, reordering existing list members etc. In the UX lists no longer work this way and there is limited flexibility in managing them. For example - Reordering list members is only supported by creating a “my page” and the process to do this is cumbersome, repetitive and does not support our current use case. (we have lists which include 1000 or more members). We often have the need to add more than a single new member to a list. Anaplan’s inherent functionality in the UX, allows 1 list member to be added at a time, it is the customers responsibility to create a process enabling multiple adds simultaneously and either way it does not allow for specific placement of the new add.   We are looking to bring the original list flexibility into the UX.

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