Fake Time to Real Time Calculation


Dear  All,

I have one use case where I have created one template for input the data. For this I used fake time dimension because the data will enter at monthly level in Year 1 and for future it's on yearly. Screenshot one shows the template which used to enter.


But I am stuck between creating summary report. Because for this I need the month + total and for future years only year total. For this I need a mapping between fake & real time but I am not sure how it will work.

Screenshot 1: Dimensioned by Fake time for input

Screenshot 2 : output required[Summary Report format].

Can any one help me on this please?





  • Hi @Ashutosh 


    One question would be why the use of "fake-time"? Why not have two input modules, one at a monthly and one at a yearly level which you'd then be able to import the values from the template.

    Then the summary module would be module 1 + module 2 with formula as the summary setting.

    Finally have a system module that defines the visible time periods with line items Month?, Year? that are booleans defined appropriately with a final Month & Year? one that combines them - use this final line item as a filter on the UX page.

    Hope that helps


  • Hi @andrewtye ,


    Thank you for your response.


    Initially , I am also thinking same. But we did only one template to input data in one module. That's why I am using fake dimension. Because in real time, we can't input at month level and year at same time.


    Hope that clear your doubts.




  • You can use the same input file to load into separate modules. This would reduce the amount of maintainence going forward as there would be no need to update lists and make sure everything flowed correctly.