How to populate number series in every upcoming month in a line item


Hi, I have identified the starting month to start the series through boolean and time period function. However, starting from that month till end i want to populate numbers in a series on every upcoming month(eg. if starting month is march then for march i need to populate 1 in a separate line item. now for April the value of this line item should be 2, for may it should be 3 and so on. How do i achieve that??


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  • alexpavel
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    in a numeric line-item named "Num Month" to have a formula like this:


    IF Starting Month THEN 1 ELSE IF PREVIOUS(Num Month) <> 0 THEN PREVIOUS(Num Month) + 1 ELSE 0


    The trick is that you can use the same line-item when you use Previous function.  


    Hope it helps