Five Community resources people are talking about

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One of the most powerful elements of Community is connecting and learning from peers — discovering what tools they find valuable. Today we highlight recent resources that have garnered positive feedback and comments among the Community. If you missed these posts the first time around, check out the feedback and how it can help in your work within the Anaplan ecosystem.

 [Blog] Getting your users engaged by giving them… laptop stickers?
Certified Master Anaplanner @lis.degeus shares a creative idea on how she got her team of end users trained in basic functions and excited about Anaplan in the process.

"What a great way to engage your end users. I love the logical simplicity of what you did to engage your end users. Thank you for sharing."

"This is really cool Lis! Simple and impactful."

 [How To] Using saved text strings to speed up blueprint configuration

As a model builder, you often have to define line item formats over and over. These tips will help with using saved text strings to speed up the configuration of modules.

"Thanks for this article. Useful stuff. We have multiple clients with different number format requirements and it's always a pain to set up each individually even with copy-paste."

"Love this feature! This is the one I use every day. It saves many clicks=time."

 [Best Practice] Data Integration Decision App

A common question that arises during Anaplan implementations (or even after go-live) is "How can I automate data feeds into and out of Anaplan?" We built this app to make getting started on your Anaplan data integration journey simple with a quick questionnaire and helpful information and links.

"This is really cool, thank you for sharing!"

"This is great. Thank you for setting this up!"

 [Event] Recording of the UX Designer hub experience

Watch the recording for a discussion around the UX Designer hub, including transitioning from classic to UX, management reporting, dashboarding and more.

"I found the event really useful. I thought the two speakers were great and provided a lot of insight. I thought the format of a simple open-forum discussion was great. Looking forward to more in the future!"

"[This] was indeed helpful, especially for us beginners, those who haven't been fully deployed in projects (independently). Events like this help us cope with the trends, changes, and updates in Anaplan, specifically in UX designing! Thank you so much!"

 [Blog] Pro tips: Troubleshooting calculations

Our Operational Excellence Group sat down with a few top Certified Master Anaplanners to learn their specific pro tips when it comes to troubleshooting calculations.

"Love the tip about breaking down the formula into separate calculations, this can make the error tracing much more digestible than trying to find the mistake in multiple rows of text.   The open model analysis is also wildly helpful, you don't often realize the impact that one sub-optimal formula can have on overall model performance."  

"Can't recommend more highly getting a Model Open Analysis done. Often, we can see where things are likely to be an issue, but a recent one showed where a model was taking a long time to calculate which we didn't think of and that helped to solve the dreaded "model busy" notification!"

What Community resources have you found valuable lately? Leave a comment!