actual and forecast


Hi there,

Anyone please help with the formula,

Here i have actual value in one line item based on that the override line item should be editable.

where jan22- apr-22 is actual values, show that override line item should be editable from may 22


Please suggest 



  • Hi @143kishornaidu 

    Have a look at DCA Dynamic Cell Access 

    Using this feature you can lock and unlock individual cells based on any TRUE/FALSE rule.

    In your case you can add Actual Months boolean line item which will drive editing of the override.

    An admin or similar role will select which months to be considered as actual and will select them in Actual Months LI and this will define which months are forecast and these will be your boolean drivers.


  • Hi @143kishornaidu 

    Since your actual values are in "black", it is a formula driven, you cannot edit it or you cannot directly take override value in your target line item.
    to facilitate the override option you can apply below method. 

    -format "override" as boolean
    -Create one more line item - "Override value" - to input override values
    -in override value line item - select the override against write of DCA in blueprint.
    -In target line item you can code as - if NOT Override then Actual values else override values.
    -you can select the boolean as true when you what to override and put override values to see the same in target line item.


  • @143kishornaidu 


    In the blueprint, try unchecking Use SwitchOver for the Override line item.