N/UX Process Prompts

Previously processes run in N/UX apps for models would prompt a user to confirm processing once the button was clicked. No longer are prompts available and processes immediately run without being able to see the actions associated within the process.

When processes with file loads are run, a prompt appears to not only load the file but also shows all the actions tied to the process. This also used to be the case when running processes without file loads. After process button press, a prompt would show you all the actions tied to the process, ask if you wanted to run the process, and then depict the status of each action that ran in that process. This is no longer the case. Was a beneficial step as users often accidentally click process buttons when navigating N/UX pages. Additionally, it allows users to see all the actions which are associated within a process prior to running and easily view the status of each action run.

Hoping a configuration option can be made at the model level to allow admins to set if the prompt should occur for all process or not.


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