How Define the current time period for system


Hi Guys,


How to define the current time period for system with out using Current Period & Switch Over, isactualversion & Iscurrentversions.


is there any possible way to get with formula.


BY this formula, system should find the  actual period and Forecast


  • You would need to have a period formatted line item in a lookup module module - if the "current period" will vary by version then this module would need to have Native or Fake Versions as an applies to.


    Then in your time settings system module (ALL models that use time will need one) create a boolean line item for Actual Period? and Forecast Period?


    The time settings module should already have a line item for TimePeriod which has the formula ITEM(TIME)


    Actual Period? would have the formula CurrentPeriod (from lookup module) <= ITEM(TIME)


    in your calculation module you can now say if Actual Period? then pick up actuals else pick up forecast.


    If you want switchover then you would need to import the actuals into the forecast and use DCA to control write access.