NUX Board optimization : Copy Formatting


Hello everyone,

I am a Solution Architect and building applications and pages. I am aware of the functionnality "Save card as template". Nevertheless, I think we miss a functionnality here.

In fact, the functionnality "Save card as template" give us the possibility to copy & paste a same card to another page but the functionnality I am looking for its more a copy & paste of UX formatting.

When we realized an page we want to have the same look & feeling along the page.Could we have a fonctionnality that would copy & paste based on a another card :

  • Title & Color
  • Board size
  • Chart design and Labels orientation.
  • ...

Also on a chart, it would be great if the color we have inputed on a specific list item would be preselected as a defaut color on the next chart for the same item.

We loose a signifiant amount of time redoing the same formatting over and over...


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