Announcing new content hubs to support your individual Anaplan experience

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Recently, we introduced role-based learning and connection through the launch of Personas —collective content hubs and dedicated forums, curated with your unique needs in mind. We are excited to introduce two new content hubs with additional opportunities to learn, connect, and problem-solve with your peers:

  • Center of Excellence (CoE) Leader
    As a CoE Leader, you play a critical role in driving transformation and acting as a visionary leader. This hub was developed by Certified Master Anaplanner CoE Leaders as a place to:
    • Join a private forum with other CoE Leaders to collaborate and network.
    • Discover fundamental resources to help lead your CoE.
    • Learn how to foster a culture of cross-functional collaboration, plus find best practices on governance and structure.
    • See how to create a healthy talent and technical roadmap.
    • Find career opportunities and see the various paths for CoE leaders and your CoE members.
  • Certified Master Anaplanner
    You wear many hats and drive immense impact to the Anaplan Ecosystem through the various ways you share and give back through your engagements as a thought leader, Connected Planning evangelist, or technical expert. Certified Master Anaplanners created this hub to help you:
    • Get the tools and information you need to aid you in your journey as a Certified Master Anaplanner.
    • Receive key communications from the Certified Master Anaplanner Program Manager.
    • Find available contribution activities and ways to engage with the program.
    • Check out spotlight stories from other Master Anaplanners in the community, and see how they have shaped their careers through Anaplan and the Certified Master Anaplanner program.
    • Participate in the forum to connect with other Certified Master Anaplanners.

Please note: this hub is open to only Certified Master Anaplanners. If you have questions about your access, please email

The launch of the newest content hubs helps round out our user-focused resources, while we continue to evaluate and expand valuable resources to help you in your day-to-day responsibilities.

  • Developer hub supports the goal of making API and integrations simpler and quicker.
  • UX Designer hub addresses the need to enable end users with actionable data visualizations.
  • Model Contributor hub sets the foundation for success for foundational model builders. 

We encourage you to join the dedicated Group forum discussion and subscribe to receive the latest section updates. Select the Persona that aligns most closely with your work, or select all that apply to you and your role. 

What additional resources would you like to see in the Community? Leave a comment!


  • Special recognition shoutout for the Certified Master Anaplanners who provided their thought leadership by identifying and relaying what content would be beneficial on both persona hubs! In some cases, they even created new content where there was a need! Your input in helping to develop these persona hubs was huge! Thank you!


    COE Hub: @Asslam  @Prince.Ayinde  @joshbaker4 

    Certified Master Anaplanner Hub: @andrewtye  @jziemer @AntoineHM