Child with multiple parents


Trying to make a heirarchy where a child is having multiple parents

Trying to fix it out .How do we suppose to import without getting any error


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  • Hi @adityaplanafin 

    Multiple parents of same level or different level?


  • @adityaplanafin 


    A Child can have only 'One' parent. 

    I have never heard of a child having multiple parents in Anaplan. Neither outside Anaplan.

    Please enlighten, if you discover something new.



  • @anand.shekhawat @adityaplanafin 

    Yes, i have also not heard anything like this. 

    A child can have different level of parents like, parent, parent of parent. 
    but cannot have different parent in same level. Anaplan cannot aggregate even if you try to have the data by numbered list and without code.


  • If the need for multiple parents is for reporting or output purposes, you can achieve this by building an "alternate hierarchy". You can learn more in this How To video: Modeling Video Series #3: Alternate Hierarchies [20 min], or refer to this other similar question I was able to find on Community: How to create an alternate/Parallel hierarchy


    Your second comment about experiencing an import issue leads me to believe you may actually have a multi-dimensional dataset. If this is the case, you would have to structure your list/module to account for this type of relationship and include some logic to "split" the data between the two parents. Without knowing more about the dataset you're working with, it's hard to provide more specific advice.


    A common example of a child item having multiple parents is an employee hierarchy, where employees may shift between managers throughout the year. You can review a brief course on Effective Dating in Anaplan here: [20 min].

  • same level


  • Same Level, it is not possible. 

    you have to create different list for the parent to be in same level Like alternative hierarchy. But in the same list you cannot have single child with multiple parents.


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    discuss it with an example

    having one column entries as company  1,company 2 ,company 3

    another column entries as  product 1 and product 2

    Lets keep it simple


    company 1 ,2,3 are the parent

    and product 1 and 2 are the child as  product 1 and  product 2 are coming under company 1 and 2 as their child but product 1   must also have to come under company 3 but because of the firstoccurrence function which anaplan uses i cant do it properly as i want to do

    so any help on this please

    hope you got the whole scenario

  • Thanks Man

    Really appreciated

  • In this case, on the basis of the example, you gave.

    Instead of Product 1, you can make two products - Product_1_Company_1 (Parent - Company 1) & Product_1_Company_3 (Parent - Company 3).

    That way you can have an analysis for Company 1 & Product 1 pair, Company 3 & Product 1 pair and Product 1 & all companies pair.