How to get the total amount without using Select Function


Hi All,


I have created a module with a list 'Fruit" and a list with 3 list item "A, B and C"


Afterward i have created the second module only include a line item and without and two list mentioned above. How can i get the amount of Apple in A without using the function of select? 


Since i would like to reduce the size of modules, that's why i didnt put the two list as the dimension for the second module








  • Hi @alexlee 

    Say this is your source module:



    1. I would recommend you create a separate LOOKUP module (without any dimension) with a line item each for fruits dropdown and ABC dropdown (list formatted line item)
    2. Manually select/put a formula for the fruit and ABC you want the values for
    3. Use lookup in your final module, looking up on the two line items you created in point 1



    Edit: Saw your screenshots later. The only additional change is you would need another line item in LOOKUP module that selects the time period i.e. year. Update the formula in your final module to have lookup on this time line item as well.