Quarter Apportionment


Hi Team,


I have couple of queries regarding the below snapshot

  • Both Q1 & Q2 has 91 days, however the quarter balance is different? Can anyone explain the difference?
  • Are we calculating values for quarters first, & then segregating the quarterly values into monthly or is the other way around?
  •  What does "Quarter Apportionment" means? Is it like "Total yearly value divided by 4"? 400 / 4 = 100 per quarters. If yes, then how come quarter values are different for each quarters








  • Hi @CommunityMember111277 


    -Although both quarter has 91 days, the value depends on other part of formula like commission %. 

    -there is no segregation here. Month values depends on quarter apportion for each month and commission and similarly for quarter for quarter apportion and quarter commission. This is when you keep the summary as formula, 

    -quarter apportion for month is quarter days/month days




  •  HI ManjunathKN,


    Thanks for your inputs.. 


    When you are saying "other part of the formula" like commission etc. - is the formula fixed or flexible? 

    Example - let say, my commission + others % = 10%, salary 12000

    So, my Q1 & Q2 balance should reflect the same = 3000(12000/4) x 10% x 91/366


    What am I missing here? The only way the quarters can have different values if commission% is different for every quarter/month. If yes, then how does it sum up to yearly commission rate calculation of 10% (example)




  • Hi, Anaplan will calculate values for months first, then summarise those to quarterly values. It looks like you're getting different quarterly values because something in the monthly calculations isn't evenly phased across all quarters.


    Could you share screenshots of the source modules and blueprint views?

  • Hi @CommunityMember111277 

    What you are stating is true logically. Could you please share the screenshots on blueprints to understand more?