Allow the Page Builder to specify some "key" dashboard in a top header bar


REQUEST:  allow the Page Builder to specify some “key” dashboards.  They would sit, like a header, at the top of every page.
Perhaps these could be set by role?  Or at the category level?

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  • If we use Categories I could even see this as a better way to expose the main steps in a process:

    1. PB selects a few Categories and sets a checkmark on them, denoting that they should show up in the header bar
    2. PB can select or provide icons for each category
    3. From within each Category the PB can select specific dashboards that they want associated with this header bar icon
      1. If there is only one dashboard selected (could be the key/home dashboard for that category) then a click on the icon takes them to the DB directly.
      2. If the PB selects multiple dashboards then a click on the icon shows a drop-down menu with just those selected dashboards

    This would have the benefits of:

    • Grouping dashboards for specific process loops (but still allowing a category to have other dashboards)
    • Giving an at-a-glance view of the various business processes the User can/must do
    • Might allow for progress to be shown (perhaps the colors of the icons could have conditional formatting?  Or use DCA (can't start that process until...)
  • Another direction:  allow the PB to "create" these Icon Groups, separate from Categories.

    This would allow the PB to develop a set of dashboards to accomplish a business process, regardless of category.

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