Allow the Page Builder to specify a "short" name for a Dashboard


Currently it is a common convention to use a prefix when naming a dashboard.  This is used to dictate the order of dashboards.  While, in the future, we may allow the PB to set the order of dashboards manually (move up/down), this prefix can still be very useful for documentation/communication ("I use dashboard 5.3 to get that information").


One of the issues that comes from these prefixes, however, is that a card set to link to another dashboard automatically shows the prefix.  These can look pretty rough/**** on a dashboard.


The current solution for this is to set a Name for the card.  Naming the card the same as the dashboard you are linking to, but without the prefix, works.  The issue with this solution is that, if you need to redirect so you are linking to a different DB you now have to also change the name.  Had you not set a name, the card would have dynamically adapted to the new DB name.  But with the prefix.


Proposed solution:  allow the PB to denote, when creating/editing a dashboard, a "short" name for the Dashboard.


  • Original, full DB name: '1.2 Payee Dispute Workspace'
  • New, short DB name: 'Disputes'
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