Hello Community,
anybody to help me, I'm trying to pull data from Module which has Time,Version,Lis as List and Amount as line item in Target module which does not have time and version means it has (Lis and amount as dimension) I'm trying to avoid hard coding {Source Li[SELECT:VERSIONS.ACTUAL,LOOKUP:GLOBAL DRIVE.FY]}.

Thank you

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  • Neeharika
    Answer ✓

    You can make a system module in which you have 2 Line items

    SYS01: Module for Selection

    Dimension: None

    Line items: Select Version, Select Drive (Formatted as their lists in the system )

    then in the target module you can use lookups Like:

    Source Li[Lookup:Sys01: Module for Selection. Select Version,Lookup:Sys01: Module for Selection. Select Drive ]



  • Neeharika
    Answer ✓
    If you are using Anaplan built-in Version, unfortunately, there is no simple way to remove select.
    but if you use a custom version you can definitely use the system module for that.
    Limitation: You cannot set versions as a format for line items.


  • Thank you @Neeharika
    but i think they cannot be formatted as lists in line item because they are native versions not custom version