Stop allowing copy and paste into dependant dropdowns


We have a field that is dependant and i have unticked 'Allow access to unfiltered items'


However if you copy and paste a valid (non dependant) value into the field it allows it


I have made it go red as a warning, but can it be stopped so you cannot paste into dependant dropdowns?





  • I don't know of any workarounds for this, but I would suggest sending this over to Anaplan Support as this doesn't seem like it should be allowed.

  • Hi @DeveloperCYT,
    There is no way around this, on the New UX dashboard there is a popup "Invalid Selection". but the user has to change the value manually, we can't stop the system for copy and pasting, because copying means copying something to the clipboard, it is the place where you can temporarily store data, and pasting it to another placeholder, so it can only be conditionally formatted, there is no provision to stop this.