Get dates in different dimensions module



I have a requirement to pull the dates in the module, the source and the target has different dimensions.




Target module


Source module


I want the dates basis on the revolver in the target since I can't use sum function on the dates to pull it any workaround for this use case.




Riyaz Pasha

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  • M.Kierepka
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    Hi @riyazpasha,
    Yes, you can't use lookup, you would use it in opposite situation. So in your source there can be many entries with the same Revolver - which one should be used? The one with the most recent/earliest date? Or the one that is visually the first/last entry in the table? It depends on your business case, so you need to pick from MAX/MIN/FIRSTNONBLANK/LASTNONBLANK aggregation functions. Then apply it just like you would apply SUM:, so i.e. Source.Date[MAX:Source.Revolver Name].


  • Hi @M.Kierepka 


    I got the idea I need to pick up the the max date for the particular transaction type. I have added some additional checks. Yep it worked.


    Still lot to learn. Thanks @M.Kierepka. Keep in touch



    Riyaz Pasha


    Riyaz Pasha