Copy and paste several cells to an override row and undo with Ctrl + Z


When I use Classic Anaplan I am able to copy a given number of cells and paste into an override row and then if I no longer want those values in the override row and before I complete any other actions I am able to ctrl+z and the cells will revert back to the old value. I am unable to preform this task in the new UX. 

Copy paste undo ctrl+z.png

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  • adamsjk

    We are having this issue also; this is extremely cumbersome when adding using copy/paste for an entire row and data, and you cannot simply use the Undo feature.  

  • The problem is also with deletion. Even if you delete value in only one cell, that is also not an undoable operation in New UX

    Personally I think this is critical issue, rather a bug

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