REQUEST: better visual handling of a DCA controlled Line Item in a Fields Card


Current behavior:

  1. Set a Line Item to a List Format
  2. Set 'Read Access Driver' on the LI as False
  3. Set 'Write Access Driver' on the LI as False
  4. Display this LI on a Field Card
  5. RESULT:
    1. The Field is not Readable (desired)
    2. The Field is not Writeable (desired)
    3. The Field on the Card shows "Find..." (not desirable)

Difficulty with the above, current, behavior:  Showing "Find..." implies that the user should be able to Write/Edit this field.  But they cannot.  This causes confusion.



  • Show nothing in the Field when the user does not have "Read' permissions
  • Show something that communicates that the user does not have "Read' permissions

NOTE:  this same behavior, and suggestion, apply to 'Period' formatted LI.

ALSO NOTE:   similar behavior applies to 'Date' formatted LI.  The only difference is that the User is presented with "mm/dd/yyyy" instead of "Find...".  But with equally confusing results.  Same suggestion here.

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