Dynamic columns width change in the New UX


As a model builder, I need the ability to set up a dynamic change of column width in the New UX - the same way as it was in the classic UX.

That might be extremely helpful, especially in terms of selecting different types of a selected view (like periodic, quarterly, yearly, etc.), and quite convenient for users. 


For example - in classic UX you can set up a default width of columns and the layout of tables will be automatically adjusted to have a minimum empty space between columns.

Here is a yearly view...

2022-05-19_12-42-04.png... and a quarterly. 


Moreover, in a case when due to filters some table does not have any columns, it's just got squeezed which is quite convenient.



Meanwhile, that's not an option in the New UX - the yearly view is enlarged and wide due to one default setting for a table... 


... and quarterly/periodic view becomes quite narrow, cannot fit all columns, we have to scroll.




And in the case of filtered out columns, we have an empty space.



Here is a post that is a bit related to a column width issue



Kind regards,

Yuliya Gorodilova

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