Can I use the TimeSum with SELECT




Could you help me with the following case please.

I have a formula that is using SELECT but in addition to that I need to add a sum controlled by months with some members that I have already created but when using the timesum it generates an error because it conflicts with the SELECT. How could I solve it?


The formula is the following:

'OUT03 - Actual data for Income'.Amount[SELECT: 'A3 Main Accounts'.'W3 Unrestricted']

To the previous formula I need to add the Timesum


Thank you.


  • First off, you should avoid using SELECT completely.


    Posting your blueprints may help come up with the right answer, along with a sample of what you want the output to look like.


    However, with just the info you've shared, the conceptual approach would be:

    1. First, calculate the desired TIMESUM at the right level of dimensionality, in a line item dimensioned just by A3 Account.

    2. Use a System module to populate a constant with 'A3 Accounts'.'W3 Unrestricted'.

    3. Use a SUM or LOOKUP to get the required result from the first module, depending how you need the final data. (e.g. [LOOKUP: 'SYS Constants'.Unrestricted Account Item]).