Movingsum over if statement based on isactualversion()


Hi all! 


In our model we do not get the wished results from a moving sum.


I want to preform a movingsum over a line item which is constructed with an if statement in a model with versions. 


This is my line item if statement:


Where isactualversion is iscactualversion() and is thus dependent on the version. 


Then we have a line with a movingsum over the line item showed above: 



This gives not the answer I expect for the last two actual months.

In the case we set a value of 10 for each each month (Actuals and Forecast) I expect the result of the sum to be 20 for each month. But the results are as follows: 



The last two actuals months (Mar 22 and Apr 22) give the results as if summed over the actuals only instead over the combination of actual and forecast. 


How can I construct the moving sum such that it actually sums the values I see in the Revenue line item?

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  • M.Kierepka
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    Hi @evanwalsem,

    Try disabling the switchover for Movingsum line item.

    I cannot help more, because I don't know how exactly your versions setup and formulas look like - can you share the blueprint and Versions settings tab?


  • Hi @M.Kierepka,


    Disabling the switchover for the movingsum line item worked! Thanks a lot of your answer.