L1M1 12.4.6 Activity: grid view (2nd part of task)


Hi everybody,


wondered if anyone could help me on this as i've been stuck for some time.


basically we are supposed to have our grid view look like attachment 1, however, mine looks like attachment 2 &3, i've double checked the formulas, don't have a filter on,etc and cannot figure out why the numbers don't match, as they match the first half of task (forecast periods view). I'm unsure what I am doing wrong. (I am aware the digits being wrong is why the colours are wrong, and also same reason why the names are not in desired order).


thanks in advance


  • Aswinraj


    If you don't mind, can you share the screenshot of the source module used for saved view both blueprint and normal view ?

  • Hi @Scar100 

    If your formulas are correct, then please check your import section. Because you are using start date and leave date line items for formulas. So it should be mapped correctly. Try import and check whether the dates tick mark enabled and correctly mapped with the date format of your source file.

    Import Module: SYS08 Employee Details

    Line Items: Start Date, Leave Date

  • Hi @Scar100 ,

    I guess either the formulas you might be using are not correct and if the formulas are correct then i would suggest to check the source of those line items.
    Below is the screenshot for blue print of the Employee Expenses Module , you can verify the Formula and sources.




    Feel free to reach out if the issue still persists.