Create subset in list based on subset from another list



I have a List 1 where one of its properties from List 2



In List 2, I have a subset which is manually created and not expected to change



I need to create a subset in List 1 such that it will be automatically checked based on the subset ("GE" in pic above) in List 2. how can I go about doing it?


  • Unfortunately, List SubSets can only be updated manually or via an action.  To keep the subsets aligned you will need to set up a module which has a saved view you can import into the LIST2 subset and set up an action to do this - you can then schedule the action to run periodically via cloudworks, or publish the action to a button in the UX

  • Hi @Zhiying 

    Well list subset cannot be automatically checked , however you can create an import to load valid items of that list 1 which satisfy the subset of list 2 .

    Basically you can find which items in list 1 are valid for the subset based on the list 2 formatted property and then use a filter to create a view for list 1 which shows only those items which are valid , then import in the subset


  • Zhiying

    Hi @Kanishq17 @TimWard70 ,


    May I know what should be the dimension of the mapping module? The formula of the mapping module should refer to even another module?

  • Here is a suggestion:


    Module with List 1 as dimension  
    Line itemFormatFormulaApplied to: List 1
    MAClist formatted as List 2List1.MAC 
    GElist formatted as List 2 subset (GE)FINDITEM(GE, name(MAC)) 
    In List2 Subset?BooleanISNOTBLANK(GE) 


    Create a module view by sorting "In List? Subset?" = True, you can find all the "List 1" items with "List 2" properties belong to subset "GE".


    Then, create an action to import the boolean "In List2 Subset?" to update the check box of the new subset in List 1



    Please let me know if it work.