Importing into list from subsidiary view




I am trying to import data into list by creating an saved view in a module. That module has a line item of subsidiary view. That line item is not getting mapped to list subset.


I have 3 lists L1, L2, L3 (all are hierarchy lists)

One list created for requirement to use it as dependent drop down - LD

I have a module (M1) dimensioned with L3 (child of L1).

I have another module (M2) dimensioned as L1 and time(years) and an Lineitem formatted as Boolean.

Based on boolean selected for L1 in module M1 ( which is usually which L3 member belongs to which year, we will select here) , I should have the "Active" lineitem in M1. 

I do not have same dimension in M1. So formatted "Active" line item as Boolean- Applies to : L1, Timescale : year.

Hence it created as as subsidiary view and based on formula, I got the values showing correctly when I open subsidiary view for that line item.

But the problem is, Iam not able to import the Active line item into List - LD's subset.

Its because, the M1 is not dimensioned with L1, so the formula for Active line item is not showing true for L3 columns.

Can any one please suggest me the solution.





  • Hi @VDurgaPriya ,


    have you tried keeping summary for that Boolean line item. Please keep summary as ANY and try again.