Synchronized Sort w/ Synchronized Scroll

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The synchronized scroll feature is probably the most useful and innovative feature to date. 


I have noticed that I did not sort my list before I imported, and wanted to sort codes ascending in one grid.

There are a total of 4 grids synchronized for scrolling on a common dimension, vertically. 

I sorted the first grid which had the codes visible, and the other grids do not have the codes visible, making it impossible to sort on the data field and have them line up with the 3 remaining grids. 


Adding a feature for synchronizing sort would solve this problem.

Adding additional modules, line items, and actions to re-sort the lists is additional tech debt that can be avoided with such a feature. 

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  • DaryaGorbacheva
    edited December 2022

    Now we can only sync 4 grids but would like to be able to sync more grids in the same group on the page

  • We really need this as its dangerous if one card is sorted differently to the other card, incorrect values may be entered against the wrong list item.

  • agreed, this is a huge danger/risk, to syncrhronize scroll without ability to also synchronize sort/filter/all other things that can impact the display of the contents of a grid

  • I second this idea - would be very useful for a lot of use cases at our clients projects.

  • WillyT

    ^^Agreed and voting up this idea. Synchronize scroll with sort/filter needs to be added to the roadmap so that things don't get out of sync if one grid is sorted/filtered differently from the others.

  • Great idea!

  • The new 'double click' way of sorting is great, but also makes the risk of making mistakes with similar grid connected via synchronized scrolling bigger. Would be great if we can somehow sync the sorting as well.

  • Another vote for this feature! Our users are not liking builds with sync'd grids where they are unable to sort and have it apply to all grids. We may have to remove our use of the sync feature in the NUX without a fix for sort issue :(

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