How to identify duplicate text in lineitem to buila a unique list?


Friends, need your input and help in meeting the below scenario where I have a module n Dimension (IDs) and few listtype line items. There are repeated values if I concatenated line items (fyi in Anaplan; NAME(A) + NAME(B) + NAME (C) + NAME(D)) and need a unique list from those concatenated values.



Tried RANK but can't use given the base line Item is TEXT and nor use ISFIRSTOCCURENCE due to don't have any concatenated list.

If I build a concatenated then it will be Numbered but still need a unique list. 


need way to sort this out

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  • mburdak
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    This is the exact use-case for ISFIRSTOCCURENCE(), I think you have misunderstood the function.


    You don't need the concatenated list for this. Your formula will be ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE(Concatenated Values, ID List) , where 'ID List' is the list with 'ID1', 'ID2',.... as members.


    See the example here: ISFIRSTOCCURRENCE - Anaplan Technical Documentation