SPREAD Function

Hello Everyone.

I am Using SPREAD Function on Monthly Time range.

I want to Spread value of only one Single Column. i have used boolean and if else condition for that  but not getting it. Spread Function is adjusting All column values. and I want to spread value of only one column.


  • Can you share some screenshots of the problem you are facing with your module design, as well as the desired results.

  • Hi as @ mburdak suggested, please share us your screenshots to let us understand more about the scenario you are trying to achieve.
  • As per my understanding you might have to add a parameter in the formula to include only one time period example : spread( Value Lineitem ,1 ) to spread it in just one column in your case or for one time period
  • Hi @Sakshee15 , were you able to solve your query??, if yes you can mark this thread as solved or if you have still some questions regarding this please feel free to reach out!