REQUEST: one-click, remove all Show/Hide, Pivot, and Filter selections on a Grid.


REQUEST: the ability to, with one-click, remove all Show/Hide, Pivot, and Filter selections that a User has made on a Grid.

Right now you must address each of them.  AND if you reset the Pivot but forget to reset the Show/Hide first, you lose the ability to reset the Show/Hide as they are buried back up in the Selectors.

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  • whitby

    Yes - its actually really annoying the way the current build is. There is a reset button that sometimes appears at the top of the page:



    that seems like it should do what @erik.bangsund describes (but for all cards) - but it doesn't seem to do anything. I find myself logging back into dashboards that I have manipulated in a certain way for analysis and struggling to reset them to their initial state.

  • I realized that there was some ambiguity in my request.  To be clear: the "User" in my scenario is an "End User", not a "Page Builder".  I can't seem to edit the original post to reflect this clarification.

  • I am also facing this problem in NUX. There should be a reset button to take us back to default view. 

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