How to have first cell in a time period as an input and subsequent time periods as formula




I am looking to set the first cell in my time range as an input and the following time periods to be based on the first cell. I think I use the offset function for future years but I'm not sure what to do for the input.


Appreciate any help with this.





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  • Misbah
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    You can not have a formula and input in the same line. If you want first cell to be editable and follow up cells to be read only then DCA is the option but that doesn't help you because you want first cell to be editable and follow up cells to be calculated based off of first cell.


    You will have to create two diff lines - one input and second calculated line


    Hope that helps


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  • Hi @tomflahavan,

    I think it's not possible - even Brought-Forward (which adds such extra opening balance period) is not editable if you have formula.

    I'd ask - why do you need such thing, if all your years will have the same value? Maybe instead you should do an input without dimensions (so only one cell), and if you need it for some calcs/report by year, just reference your input.

    However, if you really needs this "look", you can create dummy years list, where every next year is parent of previous one - it will mean that you can only input at lowest level (first item), and every other is parent of previous one, thus having the same value (if you pick summary as Sum/Min/Max/Average).